About Gregory Kerkman

I have always loved art, all types of art. At times I have had thoughts of other directions in my life. Astronomy, psychology, but I have always come back to creating things.

I am a true eclectic. If you look at the list of artists that have influenced me at the link below you will see this. I view style as a tool for expression and communication. It should be altered to fit the idea. The idea is always the most important. Everything else should serve it. Can you imagine Picasso’s Guernica being done in the style of Francois Boucher? Or how about Monet’s water lillies in the style of Guernica? The style Picasso used is the right style for his idea, not the idea being crammed into the style regardless.

That is why you will see a variety of styles and media in my work. I have no preference for style or medium. I find all of it fascinating and can’t imagine confining myself just to acrylic or oil paintings, or to just an impressionistic brush stroke. I continue to explore all of the different means to create visual images. The choice I make each time must fit the idea.

The idea can be a wide variety of things, but there are subjects that I steer away from. I prefer not to be political. Other people are able to use their art for a cause, but that is not what I am about. I have done landscapes and still lifes, and may still do them as exercises, but I wish for more than a record of a place or object. If you want a record of reality, use your cellphone camera. I feel a painting of a place or object, to be more than an exercise in technique, must have some imagination behind it, so it becomes more than a record.

So I would describe myself as an imaginative artist. Not a surrealist, though I love surrealism and will at times do surrealist works. In my work I always look to create something out of the ordinary or to see ordinary things in ways that they are not usually seen. Art is valuable for the thought, not for the record.

I hope you will enjoy these galleries and also hope you will use the contact page to drop me a line of whatever thoughts you may have.